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Monster Cutout

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Cut out a big hive Monday from a farm house.

Owner says bees in this wall since 1968. Comb looks old, but how would you tell if it is 42 years old? Surely the bees recycle, renew the wax. I imagine the hive probally crashed and was reoccupied many times over those years...still very interesting story. Same house had a hive in the front wall.
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Very cool. Did you get the queen? I did a cut out of a hive last year. The hive had been there for over a decade. I'm not sure how long it was continually occupied though. The comb was thick and black as night. I melted the wax down in a solar melter and was surprised it didn't end up much darker than my regular cappings.

I don't know of any way to tell the age of the hive by the comb. Mine wasn't 42 years old yet it couldn't get any darker.
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