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Good day folks. I was up at my mom's yesterday and while I was there I needed to add another super to one of my booming hives. My mom likes to tell everyone that they're her bees, but, in reality, they're just sitting on her property. She has a bee suit, smoker, and hive tool, but has never used any of them and has never opened the hives. Her philosophy is to leave them alone.

I go up there about once a week or once every two weeks to check the hives and to see mommy. I had already split one and needed to stick another super on top because they were overflowing and I was worried about swarming.

Here's the thing; it was raining off and on during my visit, but not hard enough to stop the girls from flying to and fro. Before I left, the rain had stopped, so I took the opportunity to run out back and add a super. My mom had the bright idea to come with me and "hold an umbrella over the hive in case it started to rain again." :rolleyes: I kept telling her it wasn't necessary and that it was going to take only a few minutes, but she insisted.

So, here she is, in shorts, sandals, and a black dress shirt, holding an umbrella over the hive. She's sort of in the way. I took the top off and the bees are a little grouchy, understandably. I warned her several times. "Mom, you're going to get stung." She finally decided to back off and stand about 30 ft from the hive. Just before I finished up, she starts screaming bloody murder as well as a few choice words. I've NEVER heard her swear like that before. "My eye! My #@%* eye!"

Yeah. She got stung below her left eye. The last thing I saw was mom and that umbrella running into the house...and she was mad at ME!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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