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Moldy Honey Supers

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I noticed that my honey supers are covered with mold. Every year I do the same thing after extracting. Leave the wet supers out for a feeding frenzy, then stack them 4 or 5 high, cover/wrap them in plastic with a plate of Para-Moth inside and I'm good to go till spring. This year the mold covered everything. What is the best way to get rid of it?
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You can spread them out in the sun on a nice dry day; the light and heat will dry out and kill the mold (Turn the frames over after a while). Then when you put the supers on hives, bees will finish the clean up, though if the comb is pretty wooly with mold you may try brushing them off before putting on the hives. I wouldn't put plastic around stored supers, but you've already probably decided that change for next year.
Kind of going through that right now with a couple of hives I lost over the winter. Had a lid blow off at a remote location hive and never got a call about it so lost it them and it was really wet and moldy in there with all the rain we've had. The other, I have no idea as to why thy failed, but same thing, damp inside and moldy. I have been leaving the frames out on the rare sunny days (I am in 'sunny' California right?) and been letting the frames dry out plus the bees from my side yard have been robbing whatever they can from the frames too. I was thinking that when I put whatever frames are salvageable in a hive, I would only put a couple in at a time so I wouldn't drive out a perfectly good colony with a bad smell from the frames cause they sure do stink! Any thoughts?

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