Modified Pillow Block Bar PLans

The reason I made this bar was due to the lack of pillow block adjustment when using the Maxant Chain uncapper. The uncapper I bought from Maxant, although very good and well engineered, lacks the ability to adjust the distance between the flailing chains. The factory holes do not allow the chains to be moved in either direction, thereby causing all the frames to be uncapped to the same dimensions. This is a problem for those of us that run our honey supers with nine frames. Our frames are wider than those who run 10 frames per super. From the factory, my uncapper removed the cappings and about 1/2" of the comb from both sides. Although this increased my wax yield, it cut the comb down to about 1/4 inch. I wanted the chains to remove the capping and then very little of the comb. This bar is made from Stainless steel and installs in less than 20 minutes.
- Dave Verville

Modified Maxant Pillow Block Bar Plans - 1 page PDF File