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Mites, ants and others

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So go out to look at hive today and refill feeder as apparently there is a lull in flow right now they are sucking down a quart a day of 1 to 1. Anyway the entrance is alive with bees basically hovering outside flying circles etc like really freaking out never seen them like this before, this is 3 in the afternoon sunny fairly warm and breezy rained for last two days if any of that helps. I start getting closer and I see a couple three dead on ground in front of entrance, figure thats normal, also a huge dead bumblbee which I assume they killed, but also see a ton of ants and also some little I mean tiny like pencil lead tiny red I would call them spiders. 3 or 4 legs on each side crawling all over on ground side of hive entrance everywhere. These things are very fast I mashed a few and they leave a red stain when smashed. I have looked at all kind sof pics of Varroa mites but they dont look like these really. Any idea without pics what they may be and should I be trying to do something to combat them and the ant problem??