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Mite Treatment

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So I have been keeping 2 hives for a few years now. Still pretty inexperienced and like to bounce alot of things off a mentor I had helping me a great deal the first 2 or so seasons. I know he has had good success doing OAV in early spring and Novemberish and MAQs in August. I was set to do my OAV treatment and he asked if my mite count was very high. Do most of you treat regardless at specific times as sort of a maintenance item or do mite counts and only do the treatment if you are above a certain threshold?

I would also like to add this hive has overwintered each year so, I believe its 3 or 4 years in now. And was busting with bees (most of them in the top box) when I flipped the boxes about 2 weeks ago. At that time I started a 50/50 sugar syrup mix with HBH. I could be adding a super fairly soon, which would probably be the earliest I have done so. I am in inland SW Connecticut.
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Me, I treat -- more or less -- prophylactically. Mites, from what I understand, are always present, and since an oxalic acid dribble is easy, quick and cheap (and relatively effective?), why not? I have a feeling, though, that more experienced beeks'll come up with beaucoup reasons ....
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