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Mite Treatment

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So I have been keeping 2 hives for a few years now. Still pretty inexperienced and like to bounce alot of things off a mentor I had helping me a great deal the first 2 or so seasons. I know he has had good success doing OAV in early spring and Novemberish and MAQs in August. I was set to do my OAV treatment and he asked if my mite count was very high. Do most of you treat regardless at specific times as sort of a maintenance item or do mite counts and only do the treatment if you are above a certain threshold?

I would also like to add this hive has overwintered each year so, I believe its 3 or 4 years in now. And was busting with bees (most of them in the top box) when I flipped the boxes about 2 weeks ago. At that time I started a 50/50 sugar syrup mix with HBH. I could be adding a super fairly soon, which would probably be the earliest I have done so. I am in inland SW Connecticut.
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Makes alot of sense. Do you feel it places undue stress on them doing it to try and get the emerging brood? Not doubting you at all, just looking for your experience, obviously there are alot of people on here with a ton of knowledge.
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