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Mite control

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All of my hives are deeps. In each box is a honey supper frame. The bees draw it out to match the deeps on either side. Its always drone cells they seem to build. After cells are capped, their scraped of and frozen. Combined with a screened bottom, it slows the mites progress. I still have to treat in the fall with formic acid. I also vaperize Oxalic acid. Once in early Dec., mid Jan. and again in early Mar. The government is planning to ban Formic acid here. Im gonna have to stock up! Maybe cemical companies don`t like the compatition. I thought organics where a good thing. Anyway.
Does anyone know of any other new organic methods for treating against the verrora?

Thanks.. Todd64:D
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aaaa Dan. The formic strips were ready for shipping and the government pulled the plug. Said they needed to do more research. Yet!! you can still buy the slow release pads. For now, that is. I buy it by the gal.:D

Thanks, Todd64
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