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Mite away quick strips

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When should I apply to treat for mites. I don't like to use chemicals, but mites have consistently taken many hives each winter
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Do a search on BS regarding Oxalic Acid........ you may like what you find. It does not harm the bees, brood or queen...........
If you plan to use MAQS you can treat at any point that the daytime temps are below 85 deg F. Most people treat on a regular schedule, however if your mite loads are high then I would get it done now. The sooner the better. MAQS can be used with the honey supers on as well.

snl has a point as well about the OA treatments. Vaporizing OA works as a very effective way to kill mites. The nice thing is it's pretty cheap compared to ALL of the other methods and it only takes 10 min per colony to be completely done. It takes about 2.5 min to vaporize the OA and you keep it locked into the hive for another 7.5 min and open the entrance back up.

In any case if your mite loads are high in the hive, get rid of them quick.
MAQS are in the organic family of treatments and can be on during nectar flow if needed though personally and even though it is considered to be organic I prefer to treat with honey supers off.

Another organic approved treatment is HopsGuard and HopsGuard 2.
I treat 3 times a year for mites. I treat once in the spring and one more time with mite away strips during middle part of august. I treat the 3rd time in December when I can get a nice day with oxalic acid vapor .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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