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Missouri girl Officially became a beekeeper today!!

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Hello from Missouri馃悵 just got my first nuc installed today! A 6 hour round trip to pick them up!
Waiting on my 2nd Nuc to be delivered next week:) any beginner advice is welcome!
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Welcome to Beesource. You will find a wealth of information here. Good luck in your first year, 2nd year here and all is well...........G:popcorn:
Welcome, look up a local bee club, they are very helpfull
You go girl... read read dream, plan your work and then work that plan... Share your questions on here and let us celebrate your success... Every event is just more knowledge for you.
Congrats on the brand new adventure,
Welcome 591 Farmer
The FEVER has begun.
Keep some 1/1 sugar/water on them and they will build up fast.
Hello and welcome to BeeSource from Ohio. Glad you joined us.

Beekeeping is an addictive hobby. I just started 2 1/2 weeks ago and have loved every minute of it.

Good Luck.
Welcome. Look around, bees are a lot closer than a 6 hour drive. There are several suppliers in your hometown and in Dexter. Join the local beekeeper club.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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