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I think WVAbees is on the right track. Swarm queen cells are big, and the bees often decide independently on the timing.
One way to do it (I'm not the expert - that would be Mr. Bush) is to split off the frames with sealed cells into multiple two framed nucs, and then just wait. After three weeks there should be mated laying queens. The hardest part is the waiting! If you are handy with woodworking equipment it is easy to build a queen castle, if you are not dividers can be bought. One thing when you move the cells be careful, as it is easy to crush them on accident.:eek:
I currently have 9 of these units with cells, virgins, or laying queens in them.
It adds another level of interest to an already fascinating hobby.
However, if you just want to try grafting then perhaps you could attend a workshop. I have seen that they are offered quite frequently each year, usually by people, like Marla Spivak, who have great experience. The advantage of this is that it would save you many missteps.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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