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50 Mini mating nucs for sale $10 each! Price firm. Cannot ship, pick-up only.

These mini mating nucs have four frames each, with a spot for foundation. Most boxes have never been used, living out there poor lives in my work shop. Someone give them a home and put them to work! They are based on the Fat Bee Man style, there is a video on You Tube explaining the use of these nucs, on Fat Bee Man's You Tube Chanel.

My queen rearing style changed, so most of these boxes have never made it to the mating yard. They are stored in my bee shop, so they are dry and out of the weather. They are well built by a local Amish carpenter, some have been painted, and some have feeder holes drilled.

A good queen breeder could get four queens a season from each box. I am taking a loss on these boxes, so price is firm, I just need the room in the shop. I will sell in lots of five, but would prefer to get rid of all fifty at the same time. Pick up in Madisonville, TN 37354

E-mail, call. text. or PM. 423-261-4032 [email protected]


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