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Milk Can Bees

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I just picked up a hive of bees few days ago,in an old fashion milk can. There is a hole rusted in the top and one near the bottom that the bees are using for an entrance. I hauled the bees about 45 miles to get them home and they seem to have survived the trip well. I've got them at my folks place near an empty hive that I'm going to move them into. I was wondering if anyone else on this list has ever removed bees from a milk can? So I'm looking for any hard earned tips before I attempt to get them out. I'm experienced with removing established bees from structures and rubber banding the comb to frames. So I'm looking for advise specific to the milk can.
I found these bees on Craigslist. I remember seeing other bees in milk cans on Craig's in the last couple of years, so I'm thinking that these old milk cans are a favored location for bees, probably due to their volume and shape. These bees were near my route of travel that day, so it was an easy pickup.
Thanks in advance, Anthony
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There's a technique called "drumming". Try a search on this forum. Basically you fit a lang on top of the milk can and beat on the sides which will drive the bees up into the Lang. Then fit brood etc into frames. I've done this with a box hive. works great.
good luck
Rick SoMd
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