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Mike Palmers queenlessness test question...

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How long does a hive have to be queenless before they will respond to a caged queen the way he shows?
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If memory srves me, according to mike, it only takes a short time, not days.
This has also been my experience.

Sometines, I've intro'd queens only minutes after pinching the old queen, and have had no problems.

These were actively laying queens, not ones htat had been caged unable to lay for a day or two.
Thanks, that's what I thought. I tried it on all 3 hives from the split I did earlier. On 2 of the hives a couple bees were trying to sting the screen on the cage but there was the parade that Palmer spoke of. On the 3rd, parade and they just covered the cage. I will try again later this afternoon or maybe tomorrow morning. I don't want to lose any queens. I was unable to find the queen when I split, there was an enormous amount of bees covering all of the frames ! Normally I don't have any problem finding them.
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