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Migrating failed nuc bees back into original hive

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I know this is the Queen & Bee Breeding section, but I'm its related to failed queen rearing.

Just as a precaution, I was wondering on what to do with the nurse bees if they do not successfully rear a new queen? I know the newspaper method, but wouldn't temperatures bee too extreme to do this method and you would end up with dead bees in the top portion of the hive (the failed nuc transplant portion)?

Would a propped open top entrance be of use for ventilation until the transplanted bees migrate downwards?
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You can crack it if you like, I bet it takes less than 1 hr for the first bee to break through the newspaper though , I have had it completely removed by morning when I combined at dusk
If they fail with the queen on the first try. Simply give them a frame of brood with eggs on it and let them try again.
It depends on how crowded a hive you make them for the queen rearing process.
I now have a 4 frames nuc hive to rear some queens from. I don't need a lot of queens just
a few but they very often make more. They are 100% crowded now
with bees all over the hive and spilling on the entrance too. If they failed to make some
queens for me then I will take each frame of bees back to their original mother hive. The
remaining foragers will need to find their own new home next to them as the nuc hive will be taken
away completely. It is not necessary to use the newspaper method to combine them.
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