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Nice sunny 60deg day hear in central IL.

Time for a bee check! last one was mid to late feb (see

This check was to again check there honey stores and make an effort to locate the queen and determine the status of new brood makeing.

The report is success!

Pulled the honey super off the top which was still heavy (40ish lbs) with much activity in it. Just below that in the med brood box a bloom of new worker bees exploded out of a corner set of frames... QUEEN IS HERE is what i though.... gave them a light puff and pulled out a frame that was in the middle of the group that had formed. And there she was working the cells at that end of the frame. Good pattern of capped brood on that frame. That was enough for me! put the frame back and pulled that super off to see what was going on below in the deep brooder..... NOTHING! so i swapped the working med brood super to the bottom, put the empty deep on top of that, and put the honey super back on top.

I put my entrance feeder on but based on what i saw ill only feed a couple quarts for the next few weeks. (probably dont even need that)
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