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Mid entrance/slatted rack

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Today on one of my young hives I installed a metal bound queen excluder with 3/8" spacers when adding the first medium super. (foundation only) I have not seen any of the bees using the top entrance yet, maybe tomorrow?? If they do not start using the mid entrance and building out the super I plan on putting two frames of honey from the freezer into it. I left the bottom entrance without a reducer for now. I plan on running a reducer on the bottom once the mid entrance gets more activity. My second hive is not yet ready for a super.

I have slatted racks with slats parallel to the frames on both hives, between the bottom board and first deep brood box. One thing I noticed is that both of the hives bottom brood boxes have brood all of the way down to the bottom of the frames with the arc of honey, nectar and pollen stores into the bottom corners.
There was some questions in another thread regarding the effectiveness of the slatted racks. Some wanted to hear back about the slatted racks with slats parallel to the frames. On both counts I am happy with the results.
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I was thinking... would it be better to leave the queen excluder out and allow the super to be built out as brood frames before installing the excluder and shims? Then, when the brood emerges they will be more likely to work the area above the upper entrance?
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