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the videos are also available on mike's website:

The Sustainable Apiary Part 1 of 2
The Sustainable Apiary Part 2 of 2
Queen Marking
Bears and Honeybees (A sad video)
Wax Moths Survive the Winter
Robber Bees (an interesting problem)
My Cell Building Apiary
The Cell Builder
Releasing the Attendants
More Cell Building
Setting Up Mating Nucs
Nuc Yard Late Winter
Late Winter Cleansing Flight in Vermont
Extracting Honey at French Hill Apiaries
Identifying Queenless Honey Bee Colonies
Comb Honey Production
Catching a Bee Hive before it Swarms
Queen Rearing in the Sustainable Apiary
Importance of Getting Stung
Keeping Bees in Frozen North America
Inspecting a Hive
Queens Have Handles!
Importance of Getting Local Queens
Keeping Records - The Duct Tape Method
Queenlessness Test
On Package Bees
EAS 2012
Building Cell Builders
Checking on grafted queens

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thanks, did not see it there. need to poke around more.

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It’s interesting how many people seek after MP’s information. Most guys i talk to reference him a bunch. I’d like to visit him and make about 20 instructional video’s! His lectures are great but i wish there was more HQ hands on stuff with him available. Richard Noel did a few vids that were pretty good!
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