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Spinning frames without uncapping is just a good way of tearing up combs.

Pull those supers off, and put on a couple or three empty supers of drawn comb. Then put your boxes of honey back on top. The bees will cap off the honey in the top boxes, and then move down to the empty supers and start working. They don't like those empty combs right above the broodnest.

You can also completely uncap the frames in a box, and then put that box above the inner cover. The bees will move all the honey down to the supers below the inner cover.

Personally, I would shake the frames - if no nectar drops fly out, it is safe to extract.

Also, bees prefer to eat nectar over honey. Honey is an emergency food. If your flow is ending, the nectar consumption will quickly surpass the incoming nectar, and the open nectar/honey in the frames will start getting eaten right away. That will leave you with frames of capped honey and fewer open cells.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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