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Melted Frames

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I got a shock this morning when I went to inspect one of my very best hives. Frames 9 and 10 had melted and fallen down on themselves. I was crushed. This is foundation with crimped wire running all through it.

I just took them home and cut up the foundation and gave away the comb as a gift to a neighbor of mine.

Weird: It was the northern facing side of the box...not the western side where you think it would have been the hotest.

My hive boxes were offset by 3/4 of an inch between both bottom and second box.

What gives?
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If you don't cross wire them this will happen in hot weather. We wire the 2 center holes with the crimp wired foundation and it holds it in place. With plain wax foundation you have to wire all 4 wires.
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