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Mega Bee in syrup???

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Anyone else done the Mega Bee in the liquid form? I followed their directions and placed it on the hives. The girls aren't really taking it much. Just curious if anyone else has seen this?
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I noticed they really did not like it also, plus on my feeder buckets the megabee plugged the screens, we only feed megabee in patty form, the bees love it that way.:thumbsup:
I fed open with dry Megabee starting in Jan. Here in north centeral Texas there was'nt any pollen and I couldn't keep enough out. They would go to it on the days it was warm enough to fly. Now that pollen is comming in, they don't care for it any more. My opinion, put it out so that if they want it before the pollen starts, it'll be there for them.
I've had good luck with adding Megabee to the water I'm using to make 2:1 Syrup.
I find that making a high (8% or more protein) candy with Megabee (not fondant) and feeding
this on the tops of clusters, really gets the colonies building up this time of year.

Adam Finkelstein
I also tried putting the Megabee out in dry form and the girls would rather gather pollen from the flowers. I don't know if there is any benefit to feeding them patties at this time of the year to them with pollen coming in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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