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meet the bee killa

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So u watch youtube and you think your a bee keeper. I'm 0 for 2 getting a hive started. I went to.pick up a swarm box I haven't checked in a month. I thought I missed the season and was going to reclaim an empty box. To my surprise it was full of bees.

This will be my last attempt this year. Apparently I didn't do the research well enough. At what point does a person become the bee problem and not the bee keeper

Any encouragement is appreciated. If u need to tell me to take my ball and go home I have big shoulders and can take it.

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Put those bees in a hive and put the box right back.. you might get lucky again.
Relax brother and let the lucky pollen fall upon you .........
At what point does a person become the bee problem and not the bee keeper?

Bee #1 !!!!!!!
They have it figured out. WE are trying to make them do what we want, when we want, how we want (the definition of manage). 60,000 women vs. 1 beek. Not good odds. Patience. You got them in a box. Slow and easy. Read the forum til you cant see straight. Search question, read all 300 ways to breath oxygen (answers) and try to find someone local that might be able to help.

The first step to recovery is to admit to having a woodenware addiction that is sometimes inhabited by bugs. You did chase down a presumed empty box in the middle of nowhere, right?
Dagwood, Congrats on the swarm catch! Seal them up just after dusk, and do the relocation (assuming you are relocating). GENTLY place the sealed up hive where you want it to be, and depending how rough the relo was, let them settle in a bit before opening the entrance.

What happened with the first 2?

Don't bash yourself...bees have their own ideas! I have hived swarms with zero resources, and had them stay. I have hived swarms with drawn foundation, and had them leave... Makes no sense. Bees are bees and will do as they please.
What happened to the 1st? I destroyed a perfectly happy hive.

The second I moved them in a top bar hive but didn't anticipate the would already be making their own frames. They moved out within a week.

This box I'm going to get has langstroth frames. They have been there a while I'm sure. Planning on using rubber bands to salvage the additional combs they must have built. Last time I was not expecting that and did not have plan b
K we had real cool night in mid 50's. Went and recovered the swarm before daylight just got back. Going to let them settle down couple hour before opening the entrance. It's Saturday morning I was thinking ill have time Sunday evening to put them in a hive. Is this too soon or should I wait a week and let them stay in box and adapt to the new location? The move was real gentle. 40 miles on good roads. That box is heavy close to 30 lbs.

Also left another swarm box in the same place. I'm out of pharamone so I put in an empty COMB the last swarm abandoned. Three swarms from the same tree would be a record.

Here's a pic how I found them yesterday

Here's a pic about 10 minutes after the entrance was opened
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