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A medium depth super, aka 6 5/8 inch super, can yeild 45 lbs of honey. A good deep will yield as much as 60 lbs of honey.
Middle of May, in Texas, I pulled 4 mediums, and 1 deep almost all completely sealed honey. After deducting the weight of the 5 gal. buckets, my honey weighed 225 pounds.

That would be 45#x4=180# for mediums; 60x1=60# for the deep for a total of 240#. Although, all the frames were sealed, not all were completely drawn as I started with empty plastic frames. Also there were a several deep frames that were the honey super cell [manufactured drawn plastic cells], which were sealed but not drawn beyond the plastic. These were not completely uncapped and I returned these only partially extracted to the colony with about 1/2 of the honey left in them.

I agree with sqkcrk on this one. During the 70's and 80's, when I kept bees, a deep would yield 5 gal. [or 60pounds] and a medium would yield 3 gal.+2 quarts+1 1/2 pints [or about 44.25 pounds].

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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