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Medium Drawn Comb wanted in Alabama

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I know this is a WAY longshot but was wondering if there were any keepers in here from Alabama that may have an excess of medium frames with drawn comb? Maybe someone getting out of beekeeping or downsizing. I am a new beekeeper in Alabama and have started with all new frames except for the ones that came with the NUC. Please let me know. Only Alabama folks please. Don’t want to go against the law.
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Jamosteph, good luck on your new bees!!! Decatur, al here. Its hard ro get folks to turn loose drawn comb, at least more than a few frames at a time. Most told me, to let them draw their own. Some care about us newbies, some dont. If i had it id give ya some. Be careful about this though. Yiu have to be for certain to not get any from diseased hives. I let mine draw frames from starter strips, you have to give em a little syrup to help them along. And our flow is on, so they may not take allot. But it will help. Rich
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