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measurements for an eight(8) frame Lang box

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Is there a standard set of measurements for an eight(8) frame Lang box.
I have a set for the 10 but want to know if there is a standard for the 8 frame?

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13 3/4" wide. All other measurements the same as 10 frame.
Thanks, Been wondering about that.
Here is the link to a set of SketchUp plans of an 8-frame medium super.

Link to plans.

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Thanks for the link but I can't open the file.
Various suppliers have eight frame widths from 13 3/4 to 14. Fourteen inches creates a little larger gap than running nine frames in a ten frame super. Consistency from cover to bottom board is all that matters. If you make all your own it does not matter to anyone but you. The bees certainly do not care. A few on these forums get their alarm pheremones flowing like Africanized Beekeepers.
Some are made from 7/8" wood, and are larger on the outside...

Betterbee and MannLake
Betterbee use 7/8" wood for all the hive boxes (wooden) NOT 5/8"

Look at pg. 15 in the 2010 catalog of Betterbee

Betterbee use 7/8" wood for all the hive boxes (wooden) NOT 5/8"

That's what I meant to type...

I corrected my posting.

Beeks need to be careful when mixing woodenware.
In order to open and manipulate SketchUp files you would need to download and install the free Google SketchUp program. It is available at SketchUp.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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