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I installed a package Sat. evening of very aggressive bees on fully drawn comb with plenty of capped honey & a lot of pollen. The feeder can was empty and they had built a small amount of comb around the queen cage. Since they were so hot I just hung her in the middle and did not release her. Went back Sunday eve. & removed cap from the plastic queen cage to find no sugar, it had melted down to the bottom of the cage. Bees rushed in, all seemed ok even though the hive was still VERY aggressive. Went back last eve. And found her out on frame being balled!!! In a panic I put her back in the cage and pushed a little wax in the hole, hung her back in the middle...
How long do you suppose that will take them to chew through?
Could the aggressive nature of these bees just caused them to ball her in a protective manner when I pulled the frame??
I've never had such aggressive bees as these, came up to Connecticut from Alabama with Rollie Hannan.
2nd package installed same way right next to 1st only this one was not as aggressive. Same deal with the queen cage... Found her working away on a frame, not getting balled but I also discover a massive pile of dead bees in the center on the bottom board?! Never had that happen with a package before??
Any thoughts??
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