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I got my 20 frame extractor and uncapping tank yesterday. The extractor is very heavy duty. I was not expecting the wall and equipment to be the thickness they are. Im very pleased with both the extractor and uncapping tank. Its well worth the extra money and made in the USA. Looking forward to the time I will save extracting. Last year we ran 400 supers with 6 frame extractor. It took forever !!
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I picked up the model 500-30 used a couple of years ago. It came with a Dadant 25 gallon water jacketed clarifier, a small stainless decapping tank and 3 hot knifes. All for 400.00
I have a 20 frame Maxant extractor and am very pleased with it. It is built much better than its competition and it is made in America. If things go well this year, I hope to get an uncapper and another 20 frame extractor off of them.
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