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Maxant extractor

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The Maxant 3100P I ordered came today.
I sent them an email on 7/11/10, Sunday afternoon, with my intended order and shipping info, I was surprised to see a reply that evening.
I called the next morning to confirm order and give credit card info, and talked to Jake, he was very helpful and within a few minutes the call was done.
I have not extracted with it yet but as a metal worker with 23 years of experience I must say it is a very nicely made unit. The design and workmanship seem to me to be first rate.
I would rate my experience as very good, great customer service, fair price for a very nice machine.
I would not hesitate to recommend Maxant as a vendor.
Thanks, JA
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My arms really appreciate my new 3100P, I can tell you that. It worked like a charm. Very solid unit. I like the fact that I can clean it rather quickly with only hot water.

They are also a pleasure to deal with. Had cash, stopped by the factory and took the grand tour. A neat operation as I got to see how the extractor was made in the shop. We even got to hear all about the local companies that contribute to the manufacturing as well.

If you've been debating on getting a Maxant extractor, pick up the phone and give them a call... you'll be glad you did!
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