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Mating Nuc Design questions

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I am currently working on making pine mating nucs. I would like to fit in 5 deep frames approximately 8 1/8 inches in length into the nuc. I purchased 1X10inch pine boards, (which is actually 3/4 thick and about 9 1/8 height). My first concern is that due to the height of the boards i have (also considering the routed grove for frames to sit), the deep frames will almost touch the bottom of the mating nuc. There is probably 1/8 - 3/16 inch space. Is that an issue? There is plenty of room on top and sides for bees to move, but I'm not sure. Can someone share your wisdom on this?

1. Is there a place in canada where I can purchase mini frames of good quality? or do I simply modify my standard deeps by cutting them in half? If so, I might make it wider so I have less frame waste.
2. Is making single mating nucs advisable? I may put a transparent front on them to see progress of queen cells. Thinking of adding 1 shallow frame like Lauri did...
3. What is the best practice for feeding these nucs? An internal feeder or a mason jar on top?

What do you guys thing of this plan and what should I change?

Once I put something together, I'll post photos
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Daniel, I think I will probably make my own version of a mini nuc.

I will take regular deep frames and cut them in half so that the top bar is 9 1/4 inches in length. These can be put into a regular super with a holder down the middle or the super and hold the 20 half sized frames so they can draw out comb. Maybe even brood so I can move them to the mini nucs.

I'm planning on making the nucs 5 half sized deep frames with regular bottom board. Maybe make a few extras so that in the event a queen can't be moved, I can simply add on another box on top, just like a regular hive. 5 half sized frames is the equivalent of 2.5 frames of regular sized deep frames which I feel is plenty to allow a queen to prove herself. With a feeder top like velbert has designed. I can see that working.

In a way, you have your own mini hive. You could probably winter them these as well.
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