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mated queens

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I have had queens in nucs for three weeks and no eggs. went back in this weekend and they are starting to lay. anyone down south having this same problem. sure has been a weird spring
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I am in south Ga and have been having a strange mating pattern also. It seems the because of the strange weather lately, the queens are taking longer to mate and not quite starting up as quickly as usual. I have even had laying virgins. We are moving our nucs into the trees in hopes that this will help the issue.
I usually cage out mated queens that were queen cells I grafted 17 days after the nucs were celled..
And, I am still waiting for the weather to settle in southern calif.
We will start reading about early supercedure of queens in a few weeks.
Locally we have had cold weather, high winds and hot weather and I know from past experience not to start to early.
You will have to re-make those nucs that skipped and the mated queens???
You will have to go back and check your weather pattern for when they could fly.
Good Luck,
there has plenty of drones since late feb. i just havent had it take this long to get them going. i have people wanting and needing queens but i dont want to sell them these so i have went back and grafted again and hopeing things will be better this go around.these are in extreme south GA. and should have been mated 7 to 10 days ago. just wandering if anyone else was having the same problems.
My first graph here in north bama got breed and started laying in correct time frame. Last year had problem you are having,I thinks it was because of cold or too cool for drones to group and queens to fly. they finally started laying,but I had seen better laying patterns.No one called back that bought some so I guess ended up ok
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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