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massive swarm caught late today????????

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Hi All, I sort of caught my first massive swarm today late. I had to cut a junk tree to get them. No big deal it was garbage anyway. I put some of the bees in a new hive and they are going in now. Do not know if we have the queen. The rest of the bees are hanging out on my other hive on the outside upper section. Hives are 18" apart. Supposed to rain tonight. Should I sweep them off in a dust pan and place them into the new hive?.....or leave them be? This is my first ever shot at this and am in a quandary. Any help would be appreciated.

Wellington ohio

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It is late now to do anything.
Those bees will survive the rain just fine.
First thing in AM I would, in fact, do exactly that (while they still perched and while still cool to keep the bees down).
Sweep them into some box and dump the box into the hive with the other part of the swarm.
Have everything ready and do it all quickly.
If by a chance the queen is outside, she will be in the hive as you want it to be.
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