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massive hive with 3 queens.

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I pulled a massive bee hive from Huntsville al. hive was 6'x4'x 11" thick I used a huge shop vac. there was very lil brood and tons of drone cells. have 80 lbs of honey and comb didn't put in bee hives. when I got home I really had no idea how many bees I had. poured them in to the three hive bodies and it covered the top of the hive about 10" thick. anyways they swarmed 3 times in the last month from what apt manager said and that hive was ten years old. I found three queen and tons of open queen cells all on bottom side of hive. this is one of the most angry hive ive ever seen. they started hitting me before I got 10' from the opening. I got stung 30 time in the 7 hours it took to remove, I don't charge normaly but I was a sticky mess and my fore arms took the 29 hit and one throu the pants on the hanging boys. so she gave me $175 for my troubles.

where they about to swarm again? why so many queens? was it the size of hive that made them so defensive? I would say there was a 1000 drones just to guess.
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alot of people would tell you to get rid of a hive that hot.
I would build out a bunch of pf-107s if I had my hands on something that hot
whats a pf-107. any idea why so many drone and queens
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