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Hi all,
Simple question: are there any mason bees in the San Diego area? I've read that they need mud to build their nests, which they'd find in abundance in the NW states like Oregon and Washington due to the high rainfall, so I'm doubtful whether they'd thrive in southern California, but if they would, I'd like to start raising them, now that my boss has made me give away my honeybee hive.
Any help much appreciated. I don't want to go through the time/expense of building mason bee nests only to find that it's too dry for them here.
Oh, one more thing--our farm is less than a mile from the coast, so it's actually quite cool and cloudy for much of the year, so masons might not find it too uncomfortable here, but there's the lack of mud availability for most of the year that concerns me.
Anyway, if anyone in this area, coastal San Diego, has seen mason bees (or better yet, raises them), I'd be so grateful to hear from you.


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There are two kinds of Mason bees that are available.
The Blue orchard Bee, BOBs and one adapted to Calif.
I tried both of them and had one bee emerge form 50 tubes that were ocer wintered in my fridge at 40 degrees F.
Some people make mud available at the nesting site.
Good Luck,
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