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I've been interested in having bees on my place for several years. I'm now into the reading overdrive mode so am trying to sort through what applies well to me.

I live in San Antonio and have 8 acres and a house in Ottine, Texas. I've recently retired (67 yrs young) and since my retirement split my time about 50/50. Its about 1 hr door to door SA to Ottine.

If I get my bees this year they will come from swarm traps. (The line "Honey I think I'll spend $600-$900 to start us off with a couple of hives" won't fly at my house. Spending for what I will need to buy doesn't break the budget, but buying less and spacing that out makes for a less feisty accountant.)

I have 2 traps ready and I'll probably make 2 more. I'll be posting in "Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs" with a few questions.

I have woodworking equipment, and LOTS of used lumber waiting for a better use than being stacked in the shed. So I'm building my Langstroth equipment now, counting on being successful with the traps.

There is a great resource for beekeeping supplies on the road between SA and Ottine to fall back on for things I can't make or need quickly. Gretchen Bee Ranch, located in Seguin Texas.

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