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I am an Australian honey producer and I dont send package bees to the States so please be kind . I have developed a method of afb contol that is based on the danish shaking system .(see attachment) I have treated over 50 infected hives with this system and those hives have not shown any out ward signs of afb for over 2 years . Basically it is the same procedure as you use when you introduce package bees except the bees are only locked up for between 18 to 24 hours and they are not fed in this period. I am very interested to know if any one has had a problem with afb that can be attributed to the package bees. Obviously the bees would have to have been shook on to clean material to prove conclusively that the diease has orignated from the bees or the queen .
In Australia it is illegal to treat hives with otc . I am trying to prove to authorties that its use can be a great help to keep hives alive until conditions are good enough for the bees to under take this procedure. I would appreciate all the feed back both positive and negetive that I can get.
If anyone would like to buy a beekeeping business over here give me a call . Its time to retire thanks Mark


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