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Maqs Mite Away Strips

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Many of my hives have a high mite load. I was thinking about using a half dose of maqs on them. What are your experiences with maqs used at half dose in spring? Do you think it would still be possible to split them at the end of the 7 day treatment period? I pull my honey early so i could wait and treat with apistan by early august. Need advice asap, as i have 100 queens on there way in a week and a half. Thanks in advance.
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If they have a high mite load why would you use half a treatment? It's not like you will be able to super for honey in half the time as a whole treatment.

Do you have reason to believe that Apistan works?

I don't think you have a good plan. Maybe you aught to cancel or postpone the queen order and do a full treatment. What are the numbers of varroa like? The actual mite counts. How did you determine that they are heavy?
If you have a high mite count, and have honey supers on, I have used one pad and then 13 days later put on the second pad, some brood does get killed but a lot less than using both pads. If you have queens coming in you could use both pads at one time, this will eliminate many of the older queens(I haven't tried this), how you know which queens are gone will probably take as much time as actually finding the queens. I used the one pads in July in N.Y. but the temps never got above 70 f. If you don't have honey supers on and have the time, I would use apiguard, it kills less brood and is easier on the queens and does a wonderful job on the mites. and all of the above is said assuming you have two or more brood chambers, if one my information may not be viable.
" some brood does get killed but a lot less than using both pads. "

So you think they'll be plenty of brood left to split at the end of the seven day treatment. Or will that add too much stress? Also let me add that im leaning towards using the single strip to buy me some time till i use a proven treatment in about 4 months. Usually hives succumb to mites later in the year anyway, so i might do better to just wait it out than risk queen or brood problems with maqs.
At least in this area Apistan does not work as advertised and has not for some years. If you have a high mite load now, use a full treatment of MAQS now. Your plans for splitting are already pooched. See if you can postpone your queen order. Welcome to agriculture.
" some brood does get killed but a lot less than using both pads. "

So you think they'll be plenty of brood left to split at the end of the seven day treatment. Or will that add too much stress?
since they tell you not to go into the hive while the pad is on, all I can say is that when I put the second pad on all I found was sealed brood and eggs so the queen had started laying again, but the eggs and maybe some of the lava were killed, I also put them on three deep hives with honey supers on, so your results may vary and your temps. are probably higher now then my temps were then. Off the top of my head the way I had it figured, they say that 85 % of the mites are in sealed brood, there is no claim that the one strip has enough acid to kill the mites in the capped brood(but it may), the pad only puts out a lot of acid the first three days, so one pad would kill 15 % of the mites plus the mites that hatch out of the capped brood for three days, so that three days may be as high as ? 25% of the 85% more. so best I could hope for with one strip would be 40% of the mites killed with one strip.
The stuff I have read, and from the time I used it says that if you have really high mite counts, its not as effective. The way I had it figured, with the second pad going on at day 13, I should get as good or better mite kill as putting on both pads at the same time. The mite count to start on my hives were amazingly high, high enough that I brought a sticky board to the beeks meeting and one guy said "when did the hive die", after the two treatment I still had to treat with apiguard after as the mite count was still to high.
on a side note all 12 hives in the apiary are still alive and kicking as of last weekend, much to my amazement.
I would still opt for using apiguard in the spring as it doesn't set the hive back enough to notice, that's what I do unless it doesn't warm up enough this year to be effective.

the only way you will find out is try it on one hive, go in on the 4th day and see how much brood you have lost. but if you have really high mite counts you may not have any choice.
you will have plenty of sealed brood left, you may not have much open brood left, but since you are making splits and putting new queens in you may not want open brood in it, less chance of rejecting the queen. Some hives seem to get more stressed when you put the Maqs on than others, at lower temps they don't seem to react as much. good luck, let us know what you decide and if you decide to test it what you see.

here is an old article that originally came from the people that now make Maqs, article was about Miteaway II but the numbers should still be relevant. what this says, if you kill 50% of the mites, it only buys you 3 weeks. if the link doesn't work I won't be terribly surprised but let me know and I'll try and fix it.
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Thanks Mike. I think ive got apretty good idea of what to expect now. I'll let yall know how it goes
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