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MAQS Feedback

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Looking for MAQS feedback. Temps here are running from mid 60's in the AM to high 80's to 90 degrees in the daytime. Typically the highs don't last long. Anybody have positive or negative feedback on this product?
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I've had nothing but good experiences with MAQS - except the bees didn't read where they are supposed to dispose of the spent pads.
Most of you Bee Supply places carry it. Here is the link to the distributor list. I got mine from the Bee Keeper Supply store in South Florida. Brushy Mountain and Dadant also carry it.
I'm a newbee....Any recommendation on using MAQS for prevention (before any sign of mites) or should they not be used until first signs of infestation? I've been told both, but don't want to risk hurting my two hives that I've just started.
Don't use them till you have mites. MAQS isn't meant to be used as a preventative for mites, it's use is to kill existing mites.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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