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MAQ (formic acid) and re-queening

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I will be putting a new queen in my hive tomorrow. The hive also needs to be treated for mites. I plan to use MAQs. In your opinion, and better in your experience, can I put the formic acid strips in at the same time as the new queen (in her cage, of course)? The strips will be a medium super below her.
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What are your temps like? There are upper limitations and MAQS can be hard on queens and brood if it is too hot. So MAQS in the summer is not usually a good plan. Couple that with a queen intoduction and I think you are setting yourself up for failure. I would use Apivar instead.
I wouldn't do it. MAQS is known to be hard on queens and it may also interfere with acceptance. I would bank the queen until the treatment is over. Best of both worlds. J
It doesn't get too hot here in mid-coast California; expect mid-70s. I did an alcohol wash today while removing the old queen and got a dismaying high count, >30. I'd like to treat as soon as possible, but I must re-queen tomorrow. If I don't treat tomorrow, I have to wait at least one week (for the new queen to get settled). The honey supers are on, so Apivar is out.
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