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Maple tree pollen and nectar

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We know that in many areas the Red Maple is one of the first pollen producers that our bees can take advantage of. What about nectar, does the Maple tree bloom provide any or enough nectar for bees to start feeding on? The Maple tree bloom is so short lived that there will not be a surplus but if you are having to feed a hive that is running low on stores is it enough to feed them through a early spring cold snap like we are having in the Midwest now?
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Red maple trees produce some nectar. The bees burn it all up raising brood, of course.
The issues with early bloomers is the lack of flying days. You mention a cold snap - if it is below 50F, the bees would not be able to collect the nectar/pollen even if the maples are producing.
Mine were coming in very heavy with nectar the other day, but I also have some sugar on the hive -- learned a few years ago that they can starve out even this late when we get sudden cold weather.

Too cold to feed syrup most days, so I dumped dry sugar on newspaper over the cluster. They seem to have gone through most of it, will check this weekend when it warms up.

It won't be long before they are hauling huge amounts of nectar in, but feed if they are light!

Maples are blooming like crazy here this year. However its been really cold so its useless to the bees. Got them cranking with 2 gallon bucket feeders
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