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Many bees hanging out on house wall this morning

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Anyone know why this might be? There were maybe 50 of them. Just sitting there, not clustered up, spread out over a 12x12 spot right above my hives. All workers, no drones.

All hives show normal activity for the time of morning that this was (around 7:00 am). I see no sign of ants.

The night before I did see a skunk in my yard, but my hives are raised up about 18 inches on stands. I suppose it is possible that the skunk messed with them and then the girls got confused and couldn't find their way back in the middle of the night? The wall I would imagine retains some heat from the day, so it was likely a good place to keep warm.

Any thoughts on why this would be?
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There is no porch light. There is however a streetlight off in the distance that does cast a slight light into that general area, but that has been the same light that has always been there, and I have never seen the bees do this before. The hives themselves are in darkness at night.
I think thats just normal. Mine sometimes will have a couple hundred or three hanging out on the front porch. Plenty of room inside, I just think they're young and just want out of the house and have'nt quite made it to the forager stage yet. It's summer and maybe hot so they hang outside to avoid adding their body heat to the mix.
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