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Manuka honey ‘copyright’

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Is honey produced from leptospermum flowers outside New Zealand “Manuka” honey?
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I will be in Tasmania in just over a weeks time and the Tasmanian beekeepers will tell you that they were keeping bees that were feeding on manuka before there were any beekeepers in New Zealand probably before there were any settlers in New Zealand. But be that as it may Manuka honey tastes awfull anyhow as far as I am concerned, but then most medicines do.

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Actually, I think it’s a ‘trademark’.
There’s a specific onion type that is used to produce Vidalia onions. The particular onion variety can only be labeled as a Vidalia if it is grown in a defined area of south Georgia. The claim is that the soils in that area create unique taste. The same idea, I think.
By the way, the thing that makes Manuka honey special isn’t it flavor. It is its clinically proven value as a topical antibiotic.
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