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I tried honey robber for the first time today - installing excluders under already filled supers so that any brood can emerge and be back filled before spring flows end.

It worked great - better than anything I have ever tried so far (I've used fishers bee quick, but not bee go) it even gets the bees off of brood. It does take a few minutes, but only a few to completely clear a couple of medium supers.

And it doesn't smell very bad at all - not at all like extract of vomitus.

Also doesn't take very much to do the job, and continues working for quite a while before you need to add more to the fume board.

This is what happened when I answered my phone for a few minutes...

BTW, the blue plastic frame spacer laying there - for spacing out 7 frames of honey comb in an 8 frame box - also a dandy thing.
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