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Mann Lake Experiences

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Hey everyone, two quick questions:

I'm considering working for Mann Lake Bee Supply and wanted to see what you all thought about them as a company, so...

#1. If you've had any interaction with Mann Lake (specifically with their personnel) how was your experience?

#2. Does anyone on here work for, or have worked for Mann Lake Ltd.? If so, what has been your experience/impression of them as an employer?
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Great experience over all. Frustration with back orders.
You could be dooming a GOOD JOB for your self, be careful what you wish to hear and what you wish for?
Mann lake has too many chiefs and not enough Indians. When something goes array you get 29 different responses. In the end I have realized they are only interested in $ and could care less about their customers. I would bet the bottom line is also more important than their employees too
I had ordered 300 wedge top grooved bottom frames from them. I also ordered hook top foundation at the same time.
When they arrived I quickly realized the foundation was too long for the groove bottom frames and bowed when I tried to
put it in. I had to cut my own slit in the bottoms so they could fit. I assembled 150 of the frames. I then called Mann Lake
and told them about the problem. They asked me how many split bottoms I needed to finish my project. I told them I had 150
frames left. They sent me 150 split bottoms by Fed Ex in 2 days at NO CHARGE. I might add I had ordered the frames and foundation
last fall so I would have them when I needed them this spring. Even though the order was old they still fixed my problem.
I am very happy with Mann Lake customer service!!

I buy 90% of my stuff from Mann Lake and have never had a problem. One of the few things I do not buy online is bee supplies. I shop prices online, but call in to order. Mann Lake has always be friendly, fast, and accurate with my orders.
Mann Lake is my favorite place to buy bee supplies. Great prices and service!
Hey everyone, two quick questions:

I'm considering working for Mann Lake Bee Supply
Where? They don't have an outlet in SC. Not that I am aware of. Not yet.

Is Mann Lake considering hiring you? I have enjoyed working w/ different people from ML. Good customer service and delivery.
I started buying from Mann Lake over Dadant beginning of this year.I quickly realized their wooden products are far superior and cut very well. Cannot say the same about the latter. In addition, I have never had a customer service issues because they never got the order wrong, and when there as back order, it was delivered before I got the urge to pick up the phone. Dadant has excelant customer service, but their products have fallen to the waste side. Lol
Mann Lakes has great products, especially their wood ware. I think I have read in their literature that they are an "employee owned company." If so, there would be a possibility of a big pay-off at some point in time. I don't have anything but positive things to say about Mann Lakes. Run some numbers and explore the job they are hiring you to do, and make a decision.
I have had no problems with Mann Lake located in Minnesota? Not sure of the state...but the new Mann Lake in PA we had problems with warped brood/super boxes when assembling them. We spoke to them and were more than willing to replace the warped boards. I believe they have excellent customer service...and good employees will only increase their good reputation..good luck if you take the job.
Good company. Well ran. Perfect no. But good enough for me.
I ordered about $300 of supplies (unassembled Supers, GTB Frames, top and bottom boards) from Mann Lake. They were delivered in less than a week, but only 1/5th of my Frames were delivered. I called to ask about it, and got their answering service. The company returned the call on the next business day, and the frames should be here in another 2-4 days…so far everything is Kosher
Remember that an interview cuts both ways. They ask a question, and you answer. You too will get to ask questions.
Never had a problem, backorders, yes, but they get here when they say they will. I can place an order at 11 pm and it will be on my doorstep the day after tommorrow.... or sooner. They have been good to me so far. G
That is the only place I buy anything from m and have never had any complaints. Top notch customer service
I wonder if our OP is up to being a good attentive personal salesman? The people from Mann Lake who I have dealt w/ face to face know my name or at least recognize me from the last time we met. I bet Mann Lake has a strict set of guidelines for who they take on to fill personal contact situations opposed to wear house workers.

If he ever returns here maybe we might find out what he hopes to do w/ Mann Lake. Though he seems to want info more than to share info. That's okay.

Mann Lake is good people. Jack has been good for the Industry, a good marketer and a good honey and beekeeper advocate.
Outstanding company, they are quick with deliveries, usually within three days, they have never goofed on an order, there woodenware is dead on and once squared up its about perfect, love the design of the hand holds. As 85 and many others said, Top notch.
I've placed a couple orders with Mann Lake and they were prompt, added items to my order when I realized I'd forgotten something, and shipped the items quickly.

My last order I went with Kelley for a few new deeps, mediums, frames, and lids/bottoms. Got a call a couple days after placing the order and was told it would ship "after July 4th". So it's going to end up taking them about two weeks to ship my order, which stinks... but oh well.

Kelley had slightly better prices on boxes and they included nails and metal covers for the frame rests so I decided to get them a try. We'll see how they are... Mann Lake's boxes were great, tight fitting and easy to assemble.
Before I began making my own woodenware, I ordered a lot from Mann Lake. One order was for medium boxes and deep frames. Or maybe it was wax foundation that didn't match the frames. (Can't remember why and not important, but I guess I just had an odd on-hand supply of equipment.

Rather than just fill my order and send it, a customer rep. took the time to phone me and check on the discrepancy. I call that great customer service.

While they have employees like any company, Mann Lake is an employee-owned company. And they arrived in PA just about the same time as I did so now when I think about ordering, I remember that they are only a few minutes down the road.

Sad that some can't control their urge to hijack threads with partisan nonsense. As a reminder, there is the Tailgater section for that sort of stuff.

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