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I started beekeeping last year with a 4 frame nuc. They drew out two deeps worth of frames but did not produce any honey for me last year. They came out of a very long cold winter here in Canada with a 5 pin bowling ball size cluster.
Currently they have 3 frames in the top with 1/4 frame brood coverage. The rest are mostly empty with some honey and new pollen. The bottom has. 8 frames of honey almost. About half is uncapped.
My question is, what kind of manipulation should I do? If any..
My first inclination is ,to leave it as is and let the bees work down through it. Second thought. Put a medium super in the middle in attempts to make them create a larger brood nest. I really don't think reversing the deep boxes would be helpful.
There is so much info out there, what do you folks think?
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