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I walked up the short hill with coffee in hand to watch the gals take off on their first flights for as long as I could stand the mosquitoes. One bee on the landing deck caught my eye. She was doin a "spaz" dance. Bobbing up and down, stroking the top of her abdomen with her comb legs. If I didn't know better,,I'd thought she had been sprayed with an insecticide.(Always a concern of mine with neighbors, gardens, fruit trees and the like) I have noticed other bees doing the hind leg self groom thing as they leave the hive and sometimes when they land. I noticed some very small debris on the landing which is kinda unusual as the "washboarders" keep it pretty clean. Upon closer look,,, I found two mites:eek: It's a good thing in that the mites were not on the bees. I'm sure the hive has mites. I used a grease patty strip with some winter green e o at the entrance but that has been gone a month at least. Is this good or does it mean I really have a problem cause they're spilling out of the hive. also, this was split from a swarm made with a queen cell. She was superceded and now, they are queenless with capped brood and open larvae. I put a frame of eggs in 2 weeks ago Monday.(I have a queen enroute if I need it)

Thankyou for your thoughts:)
Rick SoMd
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