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making my mind up

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I need some help
I haven't started yet because I have 2 trees with bees a house with bees,no
money but willing to get what I may need.
The land here is corn ,beans,some wheat,a small hay acreage,and I have
some apple trees,catalpa trees,120 acres of woods within 3 miles of home.
the winters have been cold -15 for days wet springs,hot and humid summers
what kind of bees should I buy or should I try trapping.the wild bees here have been here for a long time no swarming
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I wouldnt think you could go wrong with local wild bees, they would be my pick if you can get them. Their already use to your weather and probably mite restiant also, probably would be good bees for you. I would get some help and try to capture all those you listed. Good Luck and enjoy bee keeping.
I am in NW Oh (Findlay) and have not had good luck with purchased bees or queens! Local swarms and splits have worked out the best for me and I have a trapout going now. It is getting late in the season here to start now. So do your reading and get ready for next year. It may be a good idea to have a hive ready now if a late swarm shows up. Read about bait/trap hives for the tree bees and trapouts for the building. READ all you can, this site has a lot of very good information and a lot of junk also. May I suggest reading Michal Bush's site.

Good luck.:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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