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making a split

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I have a really strong colony that is doing well, and I don't want to distrupt the honey production that much. However, I'd like to make a split from it and as they are survivor stock, want another queen from them.

If I just take one frame of brood, that has eggs, along with the nurse bees, and then put it in a NUC with a two more frames of stores, and two drawn comb. Will that work?

That enough to make a split? I bet the nurse bees would then make their own queen - right?
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IMO, better to take the frame of eggs and an additional frame of brood. It will take about 20-28 days before the new queen is out and laying well, then add an additional 21 days for getting new workers. Best to also move the split to a new location for a few days so the older bees don't migrate back to the parent hive. In addition to all that, feed, feed, feed.

Good Luck,

Bena, VA
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