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Making a split for my first TBH

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I am interested in the TBH because I would like to get alot of wax and comb honey and the concept intrigues me. I am coming out of winter with one good size hive and one weak one. I am planning on splitting the strong hive into the TBH to give it a try (free bees). I plan on making the v type body but was wondering how I would spilt them since my Lang frames won’t fit. So do I have to take the queen from my strong hive and place her in the TBH with some nurse bees and let them go to town? If I go this route I fear that my strong hive would then go south all on speculation of a queen not being made or she goes off to mate and never comes back. Am i on the right track in thought and process?
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First, read everything you can find on TBH. Personally, I would use the "weak" colony for best results.

If you want to be able to use your Lang frames, build a Tanzanian type TBH using the width and depth dimensions of a Lang for the best interchangeability. Then during a good flow, remove all the frames from the Lang. Put them in the TBH in the same order as they were in the Lang, except put 2-3 empty Top Bars toward the front of the hive (front entrances have worked better me.) Remove the empty Lang hive and position the TBH in that same location. As your brood hatches and they build comb on your new bars, the colony will tend to move their brood operations forward. Then just keep adding bars towards the front, pushing the old Lang frames rearward. Eventually, the bees will abandon those Lang frames. As they do, you can remove those empty Lang frames with comb to use in your other Lang hive manipulations.

I'm sure there will be a lot of good advice coming your way on this question. Another interesting note - I've had it work in reverse trying to colonize a Lang!
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