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magic little honey monsters

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ok somebody please explain to me how i catch these darn magic little honey monsters that put honey all over the place!
let me explain--this is the first time we have extracted honey, WOW what an adventure.everything went well for our first time(almost 5 gallons).but how does it get everywhere!!i have it in my hair on the computer mouse the arm of my chair on the floor (even in rooms i swear i ain't been in!!)the stuff is in the car my shop my shoes on the cat :eek:and even the grill outside!! folks we dont have kids.its just me and the in the world does that sticky stuff get the places it does??:scratch: i told my wife i picked i darn fine time to quit drinking.if any body knows of a trap that i can buy make or steal to catch those magic little honey monsters please let me know
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First of all...***** must be very young and newly married! The appropriate ritual is...."Thanks Honey for helping me extract and fill bottles....oh dam, i think i twisted my ankle honey. I better go sit down and get off of it! Would you please handle the clean-up honey buns......pretty please!!!!!:lookout:
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