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So was going through my hives today. Been 4 weeks since I really checked through them completely. Had one when I checked in 2 weeks ago, that seemed to have very little open larvae.

Well as I open up this hive today (second to last hive of eight), I realized it was queenless. Very little capped brood, very few larvae, and yikes several cells had multiple eggs in them.

So I carried the hive bodies about 50 feet away and started doing what had to be done. Shook off the bottom and top boards, then dumped the top medium and shook out frame by frame. Then the bottom medium as done the same.

By the time I finished the bee yard as a cloud of really ticked off little ladies. Yet we are still in a dreath (coming out of it though) and seems like all the other hives that were alittle mad were really ticked off now. Head bumps from every hive as I passed with the gear to set things back up.

When I came back with a frame of eggs and young larvae everyone was still really defensive. Head bumps and circling mad ladies. That was not fun.

Guess I should have waited a day or so for stuff to calm down.
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